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Services and Pricing

Ebook Cover $300.00

• High Resolution Ebook Cover

• 3D graphics included: paperback and tablet mockups

• Title PNGs included for interior formatting and promotional graphics.

• Cover Image without type included (for promotional purposes only)


• Unlimited stock images included from Shutterstock or Deposit Photos.

• Revisions are not limited at this time.
   There may be 
additional retouching charges incurred depending upon your needs
   (i.e. head swap)
 please inquire

Paperback Wrap add on $75.00

• Paperback print add on for your existing ebook design.

• One template provided.
   If you would like additional templates (i.e.large print, different vendors - 
Ingram and KDP)
   the cost will be $25 per additional.

• Hardcover add on cost is $100. If we have completed your paperback template,
   this may drop to $50 depending on the amount of work involved.

Audio Cover add on $50.00

Promotional Graphics begin at $25 per standard graphic, and $40 per banner.

• Standard graphic is one book, one image and quote or promotional information.
   Cost may go up with multiple books or images such as a collage.
   Please inquire based upon your specific needs.

All other costs please contact me directly for a specific quote tailored to your needs


***I do not give out PSD files, as it is against stock policy to share assets in a way they can be reused. If you need a psd file, please discuss with me.

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